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Downline is an independent guide and coach for people who sell goods and services through network marketing schemes.  The brainchild of Carol and Paul Nicholson, Downline brings you ideas and information to help your business prosper - whichever company you're with.

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News   Every month the website is updated with the latest news items.  Some are drawn from newspapers and company press releases.  However, the most interesting snippets come from a network of "moles" in company downlines, so you’ll know what’s happening in our industry.

Features   The Editor has recruited a team of established network marketers to write regular feature articles.  They describe what’s worked for them – and the pitfalls to avoid.  So you can learn from their hard-won experience.  If you have something to share, we offer a free advert with every article we publish.

Opinion, Letters, and Gossip   In each issue we express our views in our Opinion column.  And we’re very keen to publish your views too – so please email them to us.  We’d also love to hear your gossip – but we can’t publish anything too salacious!

Free Email Newsletter   We'll send you a free email each time we update the news on the site.  Just fill in our Enews Signup form and we'll add you to the distribution list.

Readers’ Forum   You are not alone!  You can swop ideas with other network marketers in our Reader’s Forum.  You can ask a question, or make a suggestion, and see what responses you get.  Or reply to other people’s questions and suggestions.  Or just read what everyone else is saying.

Which Company   There are lots of companies offering network marketing schemes.  Each has chosen a different approach, and each has its own jargon.  It can be difficult to decide whether any particular scheme will suit you.  We've developed a checklist of questions to ask the company or the person who is trying to recruit you.  So you get a clear picture of the scheme’s strengths and weaknesses.

Who's Who?  This section's a bit like a dating agency.  If you're thinking of joining a networking company, this is where you can make contact with that company's networkers.  If you're already established, this is where you can attract new recruits.  A listing costs only £20 a year.  That's just over 6p a day!

Classified Adverts   This is a great place to advertise your business.  Prices start from £20 a year.  That's less than 7p a day!

Archives   With paper magazines you get this month’s hot topic.  Months later, when you realise you do want to read about that, you’ve lost the magazine!  This isn’t a problem with Downline.  All the older material is stored in our electronic archives.  You can browse the "shelves".  Or use the search engine to find every page that mentions your keywords.

Information & Assistance   This part of Downline lists the sources of information and help that network marketers can draw on – often free!

Network Marketing For Beginners   One of the things that prompted us to set up Downline was the lack of guidance and support for network marketing newcomers.  Some companies just say "talk to your sponsor" – who often has little more experience than you, and can’t spare the time to teach you the basics.  Others ask you to travel long distances to meetings at your expense.  So we've put together some beginner’s material – to help you understand what network marketing is about, decide whether it’s right for you, get yourself started, translate the jargon, and help you avoid the rogues.  If you’re new to network marketing this part of Downline is a must.

Best Practice   We've also assembled some guidance for more experienced networkers.  These summarise best practice for each of the main network marketing techniques – party plan, door-to-door, leaflets, mailshots, and adverts.

Tell Your Friends   There’s also an opportunity to earn some cash.  If you advertise on our website, all you have to do is tell your friend that we're worth a visit.  If your friend decides to advertise with us, we'll pay you commission!